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About Us

Glad to have you here with us at ZenfulColor. My guess is that you have been bitten by the coloring book bug – just like me and thousands of others over recent months and years.

Our love for these coloring books has grown to such great heights that we felt compelled to spread the word about them and explore their infinite design possibilities.

Here you will discover some interesting reads about all things coloring. Like the use of Mandala by Buddhist monks, and the benefits of using color for relaxation and learning.

You’ll also find our thoughts on a whole bunch of coloring books that we have bought and used over the years.
On top of all that, when you subscribe to ZenfulColor.com, you’ll get exclusive “sneak-peeks” at the designs from the new concept coloring book we are creating.

That’s right, we love these coloring pages so much that we’re putting together a book of our own (and it’s
looking good!). If you haven’t already, you can read more about the book in our very first blog post Adult Coloring – The Art of Mindfulness.